Wouter and Rosana


About Hugs

When Rosana acquired the hugs domains in 2005, her initial idea was to create a portal to connect people, a social network, more or less. She worked out some concepts, but she never put those online.

In the meantime, Rosana started using Hugs for e-mail purposes. So although there wasn't a website actively running on the Hugs domain, the domain was in use.

Two years later in 2007, Hugs was home to the baby "Bibi" blog of Wouter and Rosana, when they were expecting their first child.

Fast forward a few years to 2009 and you would find that Rosana was planning to launch a scrapbooking site on Hugs. While this took many years to actually happen, Rosana launched her Retro Hugs Etsy shop in 2016.

In the meantime, Hugs has always been used by the entire family for e-mail, and also for several websites, such as the wedding site!

Since Rosana often got (unwanted) e-mails from strangers inquiring about taking over the Hugs domain name, since to these strangers it seemed the domain wasn't in use (it was), Rosana recently decided to make a splash page linking to all her active websites and shops. One page where people can find her and her work online.

The Hugs website is subject to change. Who knows, Rosana might turn this into a social network after all, or build a brand around it, or turn it into a blog. Time will tell!